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2014 ・Winner of JAL Hotels Best Smile Hotel Award

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JAL Hotels Smile Campaign 2014
Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei Won “The Best Smile Hotel 2014” Award
It goes without saying that there is no warmer welcome at a hotel than a genuine smile at the door.
JAL Hotels, which holds around 60 properties around the globe, has conducted a chain-wide “Smile Campaign 2014” from July 28th through August 4th. The participating hotels are asked to submit a photo and episode that illustrates the theme of smile, from which the top three are chosen. Harboring much pride in our resplendent smiles, Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei nominated the housekeeping department for the contest. Out of 57 entries, Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei was voted first place as “The Best Smile Hotel 2014”.
At Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei, the housekeeping staff is the star of the show, whose smiles and services draw a deluge of kudos from our guests. In one instance, a housekeeper, who found out about a guest’s birthday, not only penned a personal birthday message but also sang “Happy Birthday” in person. The personalized gesture engendered a “grin-grin” situation that was movingly memorable for both parties.
Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei’s housekeeping department feels esteemed to receive JAL Hotels “The Best Smile Hotel 2014” award. Celebrating the hotel’s 30th anniversary landmark in 2014, we will continue our earnest efforts to realize the exemplary Japanese-style “Omotenashi” hospitality through JAL Hotels’ service philosophy of “Safety, Security, and Comfort”.
And smiles, of course. We are always here with our mouths concave up at Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei!