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2014・ Winner of 2013 JAL Hotels Origin8 Golden and Silver Awards

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Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei
2013 Okura Nikko Hotels Origin8 Golden and Silver Awards

Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei, a chain hotel of
Okura Nikko Hotels International, celebrates 30th anniversary in 2014. Under the leadership of General Manager Mr. Hisao Sasaya, we have undertaken a series of 30th anniversary commemorative projects, whose accomplishments earned 2013 Okura Nikko Hotels Origin8 Golden and Silver Awards.
The PR & Marketing Team won the Golden Award by coordinating and facilitating the 30th anniversary commemorative projects, which are centralized on the charitable theme of “paying it forward” to the society. The entire staff has been mobilized to commit to the project since June of 2013. Some of the highlight events include: (1) In joint effort with Taiwan Blood Services Foundation and Taipei Blood Center, we launched the “300,000 cc Blood Drive” from January to March of 2014, which successfully amassed 389,500 cc of blood. (2) We have conducted a series of charity events in collaboration with nationwide organizations, such as Eden Social Welfare Foundation, Radio Taiwan International, children’s home, and more. (3) During Mid-Autumn Festival in September of 2013, nearly 8,000 moon cakes were donated to welfare foundations and schools throughout Taiwan.
The Engineering Department was bestowed Silver Award for its cost-efficient feat of constructing a backyard area for delivery and staff use. The construction was originally a part of the hotel renovation project in 2009, which has been deferred and then reincorporated into the 30th anniversary project. Instead of outsourcing, the engineering team completed the arduous task on its own, creating a safe and sanitary environment at a reduced cost.
Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei feels esteemed to receive 2013 Okura Nikko Hotels Origin8 Awards. Celebrating the hotel’s 30th anniversary landmark, we will continue our earnest efforts to realize the exemplary Japanese-style “Omotenashi” hospitality through Hotels’ service philosophy of “Safety, Security, and Comfort”.