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Nakayama Restaurant・ Japanese Style Afternoon Tea

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Japanese-Style Afternoon Tea

Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei's Nakayama Japanese Restaurant has renewed its tea menu, featuring premium Japanese green tea and authentic traditional fare presented in three-tier bento box. Add a new dimension to your day with a leisurely tea break at Nakayama.

Restaurant: "Nakayama" Japanese Restaurant,2F

Serve Time: 14:30~17:00
Price: NT$420 


Premium Japanese Green Tea
Choice of Genmaicha (Brown rice green tea), Hojicha (Roasted green tea), or Sencha (Steamed green tea)


Afternoon Tea Selection
Miso-coated eggplant, boiled spinach, 
grilled chicken teriyakivinegared shrimp, cheese, silver-stripe round herring, salted mullet roe with apple slices, ginkgo, edamame beans, Japanese omelette, freeze-dried koya tofu

Flower sushi, avaocado nigiri sushi, braised mushroom sushi, conger eel and rice wrapped in fried bean curd

Assorted Confectionery
Macaron, dried persimmon rice cake, macadamia nuts cake, marshmallow chocolate, fruits in season

*The above price is subject to 10% service charge.
*Items are subject to seasonal adjustment.
*This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.

For reservation and inquiries, please call (02)2542-3266 and ask for Nakayama Restaurant.