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NAKAYAMA Winter Seafood Hot Pot Festival 10/1-12/31

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NAKAYAMA Winter Seafood Hot Pot Festival
10/01-12/31, 2018
As the weather getting colder,
time to warm up your body for well preparing the coming winter.

Here, the new Q4 season menu of Nakayama Japanese restaurant
just perfectly fulfills these needs

“Winter Seafood Hot pot Festival”

with especially chosen seafood ingredients

imported from Japan for the best tasting satisfied.
-The Red King Crab Hot Pot         NT$1,500
Includes the Hokkaido King Crab and bonito soup for the fresh and sweet flavor.
- The Anglerfish Seafood Pot        NT$1,380
The Anglerfish is very rare with chewing taste and full with collagen.

- The Oyster Miso Hot Pot             NT$680
Especially chosen the Hiroshima oysters matched with the red and white mixing miso soup for bringing the fresh ocean flavor.

- 10% service charge subject by original price
- This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.
- Reservation Call:02-2542-3266#328 (10:00~21:30)
- Online Reservation :