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2018 Summer Fruit Gourmet Festival by Ming Court , NEW launch!

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2018 Summer Fruit Gourmet Festival
Till July.31, 2018
As summer approaching, Ming Court restaurant launched the season menu – “2018 Summer Fruit Gourmet Festival “from now till end of July for cool and fresh touch.
The cooking point is to remain the original fruity flavor as mix with all other heavy ingredients. That’s why Royal-Nikko Taipei insisted to apply the local Taiwan fruits as for it’s much more distinguish flavors, which perfectly matched with the traditional Chinese cuisines.
Chef select
  • Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Shark Fin & Honeydew Melon & Wolfberry , NT$1280/each
  • Stir-fried Abalone with Zucchini & Black Fungus in Oyster Sauce, NT$980/each
  • Bitter Gourd with Chicken Ball with Black Bean Sauce in Casserole, NT$580/each
  • Peking Duck with Mango & Goose Liver, NT$580/each
  • Bamboo Shoot with Wasabi Dressing,NT$420/each
  • Sweeten Mango Sago Soup, NT$120/each

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