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Energy Summer Eel Festival@ NAKAYA Restaurant during 2018.JULY-SEP

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Energy Summer Eel Festival
@ NAKAYA Restaurant
July.1~Sep.30, 2018 from $420

Feel tired and your energy loose as hit by the summer heat? From July.1 till Sep.30, Nakayama Japanese restaurant launches “Energy Summer EEL Festival” for power recharge!! To have better taste and effects, the chef especially chooses the young eel within one year as the selected ingredients for serving.


For cooking, new menu “Triple decker Eel Rice” is presented, as which could fully enjoy three different flavors of eels. Also, instead of the traditional cold sushi and Shiryaki grill; there is warm sushi, yanagawa hot pot and kabayaki grill listed on the menu for brining diversity interests to the hotel guests.

Energy summer Eel Festival
  • Eel warm sushi (2pc)   /  NT$420
  • Eel Kabayaki Grill with Japanese pepper   /   NT$820
  • Eel Shirayaki Grill with Wasabi    /   NT$820
  • Triple decker Eel rice  /  NT$880
  • Eel Yanagawa Hot Pot with Burdock   /  NT$980

- 10% service charge subject by original price
- Reservation Call:02-2542-3266#328 Nakayama (10:00~21:30)
- Online Reservation :